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Taxi Service in Gurgaon @ Rs 1500 for 8hrs/80KM

With the beginning of Delhi Gurgaon Metro link, Gurgaon has definitely come a lot closer than it used to be earlier. Earlier, it was only accessible by road via Mehrauli or via Delhi Jaipur highway, and both these routes used to be so jam packed with traffic that a drive to Gurgaon from Delhi used to turn into a real tiring experience. With the opening of Badli to HUDA City Center Metro link though, that terrible road trip to Gurgaon has now become history, as you can easily reach Gurgaon in just 45 to 60 minutes flat from Delhi.

However, it is not the travel to Gurgaon that would be a matter of worry now; it is travelling in Gurgaon that might pose you inconvenience if you are arriving in Gurgaon by Metro. Travelling from one place to another in Gurgaon without a conveyance could easily take out the fun element from this trip pretty soon. If you are thinking about hopping autos and rickshaws to enjoy this trip in a short time, then you might end up spending too much just on travel without getting any comfort in return.

So what is the best course of action you should take in this scenario? If you are thinking smartly, you should hire a Taxi service in Gurgaon @Rs1500 for 8hrs/80KM if you really want to enjoy your trip to this millennium town. This way, you will not only save your time on rickshaw hopping, you would also travel comfortably in the air-conditioned interiors of your private space without breaking a sweat throughout your city trip.

With a hired taxi at your disposal for 8 hours, you could virtually shop non-stop and stuff all the items you have purchased in the taxi’s boot, this way you would not be required to carry all your shopped items along all the time with you. So you will have the freedom to eat, drink and window shop with your friends without any baggage to tire you down. By just making a smart decision of hiring a taxi in Gurgaon, you can virtually double the fun and excitement you will be able to have during your Gurgaon trip.